What would I say to someone who has never been to an Insight Improv workshop?
You’re missing something!
This work really blossoms in a group context. I’ve found over the years that the combination of a small collection of like-minded souls, an empty space to work in together, and the time to connect, meditate together, share personally, and delve into experiential work together, creates an atmosphere of emotional openness, joyful play, and mutual support unlike anything I have seen.
My own philosophy when leading workshops is that I am a facilitator, not a teacher. What participants really learn in Insight Improvisation comes from their own discoveries, not from my “profound words of wisdom.” 
My role is to help create an organic progression of activities, making it easy and safe for all to come on the journey. At the same time, I want to challenge participants a bit, offering a chance to stretch into something new, try on a new behavior, explore a different aspect of noticing or being.
I want there to be enough consistency for the work to make sense, and enough surprise to awaken the group to a new point of view.
I want there to be moments of play — to dance ecstatically or be truly silly — and moments of introspection, meditative silence, thoughtful journaling, and deep dialogue.
My goal is to invite participants to take a few steps on a new path — a journey of opening to the miracle of one’s own being — a deep awareness of and respect for the body, for the voice, for sensations, for the imagination, for inner imagery, roles, and stories — and for the hidden feelings and profound insights all of these can help unlock. 
Ultimately, my intention is that participants take these experiences of opening back into their own lives: to be more present, to connect with others, and to live with greater freedom, spontaneity, and happiness.
I hope you can come and join us sometime.

Trainings for Clinicians and Others

  1. An Introduction to Drama Therapy
    (1 to 3 days)
    A basic introduction to the field, offering clear explanations and a wide range of fresh ideas and moving, fun experiences. We will introduce a standard drama therapy progression; practical and fun warm-ups that can be applied in clinical settings; sociometry, sociodrama, and psychodrama; and several other drama therapy approaches.

  2. Exploring Psychodrama
    (2 to 3 days)
    Psychodrama is a powerful form of role-play created by Jacob Moreno, the father of modern drama therapy. In this advanced program, we will delve deeper into the psychodrama form, exploring the roles of auxiliary ego, double, and director, while providing further opportunities for personal exploration.

  3. Insight Improvisation Teacher Training
    An ongoing, multi-stage program for experienced practitioners.

“I am so excited by the Psolodrama form. It's fabulous for the performer side of me, since it limbers up my imagination and my improvisational muscles. It's a good fit for my meditator self, as I work to develop a compassionate witness for all that goes on in my crazy life and around me. And it also feels rewardingly therapeutic; the more I work with the inner archetypes that arise, the more they change and grow right before my eyes. What more could I ask for?
Thank you.”

“This exceeded my expectations!”

“Thanks to your class,
I have begun to meditate regularly.”

  1. Those engaged in a personal journey looking for ways to connect deeply to their own inner stories as a way of transforming their own experience

  2. Students and practitioners in the arts looking to deepen their work and stimulate the creative sourcing of materials

  1. Students and practitioners of psychotherapy and creative arts therapies interested in increasing their range of tools and approaches

  2. Meditators wishing to engage the body and voice, and to apply meditative insight to issues in their personal lives

“A good and new experience: I learned about myself and now understand myself more. I see myself in a deeper way, having explored my own feelings. And I did many things I’ve never done before — to be brave, to have new friends, and to destroy the wall behind which I’ve closed myself. I feel more open, no longer hidden and frustrated.”

Insight Improv workshops are powerfully experiential sessions centering on:

Active Approaches to Meditation

Contemplative Theater

Contemplative Drama Therapy

Here are some of the programs we’ll be offering this year...

“The ‘Psolodrama’ workshop run by Joel Gluck was the most powerful experiential session for me personally.

“The method that he has developed combining authentic movement with psychodrama truly does result in self-exploration of a profoundly healing, transformative nature. I am hoping Joel may be able to come to Australia next year and teach my colleagues his technique.

“I absolutely loved and resonated with this approach and had a deep shift within as a result of my own psolodrama experience.”

— Sally Holmes,
MA Drama Therapy, ECU, Australia
writing about her experiences at the 2005 NADT Conference
in Portland, OR

Psolodrama Weekend Intensive I

Insight Improvisation:
An Introduction to Psolodrama

Meditation, Movement, and Role Play

Psolodrama is a powerful therapeutic practice that combines Vipassana meditation, Authentic movement, and Psychodramatic role play.  Essentially, Psolodrama is a one-person psychodrama enacted in the presence of a supportive witness.  A psolodrama arises organically from the body, senses, feelings, inner imagery, and intuition, rather than from planning/worrying mind.  Often, the themes, roles, and conflicts that emerge in Psolodrama are unexpected, existential, archetypal, and deeply meaningful. 

We will move, meditate, improvise, share, and witness one another-mindfully-creating a supportive atmosphere for personal exploration, healing, and new discoveries.  This program is especially recommended for creative arts therapists and other healing professionals, performing artists, and those seeking new, creative, embodied, client-led approaches to personal healing and growth.  It will be a weekend of peer connection, expression, and play!

“Thank you so much for your teaching and guidance here this help other souls become more whole and present in this journey of life. I will remember that I sang despite saying that I would not. I will remember how I returned to a brave part of myself. You really created an atmosphere that encouraged and cultivated courage. Anything is possible.”

Insight Improvisation:
Freedom in Performance

3 days

This workshop focuses on the contemplative theater aspects of Insight Improvisation. We will explore the meditative principles of Mindfulness and Choicelessness — as well as the concepts of Performance Mind and Being Mind — and how they can be applied in theater and improvisation. Activities include:

  1. A variety of meditations and active meditations (such as Authentic Movement)

  2. Original approaches to physical and vocal improvisation, work with a self-authored text, contact improv, and storytelling

  3. One-to-one coaching using Insight Improv techniques.

Insight Improvisation:
Meditation in Action

2 days

This program offers several alternative, embodied approaches to meditation, alongside the classic teachings and practices of Theravadan masters from Thailand and neighboring countries.

Questions we’ll address:

  1. How can I develop a meditation practice in my own life, and what are the benefits?

  2. What’s the relationship between samatha (concentration), and vipassana (insight) meditation?

  3. I’m tired of sitting and walking—I feel drowsy, lost in thought. Are there ways to meditate that will help me stay awake and connected? (Yes! We will introduce several.)

  4. How can I cultivate sati (mindfulness) in day-to-day life?

  5. How do I deal with strong emotions that arise, especially in my relationships?

We’ll also look at how the five Buddhist precepts reinforce the practice of meditation.

Who May Benefit from Attending Insight Improv Programs?

Joel also offers customized workshops to fit the needs of organizations and groups.
contact us to learn more.

Psolodrama Weekend Intensive II

Insight Improvisation:

Psolodrama in Depth

For Experienced Students

For those who have previously learned psolodrama, this weekend is an opportunity to take the practice deeper, focusing on different aspects of the form, including:

•The five psychodramatic roles as distinguished in psolodrama

•Performance Mind versus Being Mind

•The role of the witness

•The use of writing, poetry, and the sharing of writing between psoloist and witness

•Sung psolodrama

•Psolodrama alone—the ability to be one's own witness

•Psolodrama as active meditation

•Dealing with blocks and challenges

•...and other topics.

We will be practicing psolodrama both in pairs and before the group, learning how to be better witnesses and coaches, as well as journeying deeper into the psolodramatic process itself.

Additional Offerings

New! Insight Improv Lab
Free monthly workshop in Cambridge now through early 2016.
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